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Dear Parents,

CHEER invites you to sign up your son or daughter for free tutoring in Reading, English and Math. The Tutorial Program is available for students after school. CHEER teachers will be in frequent contact with you about your child’s progress. Together we will make a difference in the motivation and classroom performance of your child.

To speak with a CHEER representative, please call (662) 746-9181, (662) 528-3185, (601) 853-4770 or (601) 717-2910. To leave a message, please call 1888-9TUTOR1 (1-888-988-8671), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also email CHEER at


                Dr. Barbara Starling Ricks
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                CHEER, Inc.

Accelerated Math provides the personalized practice essential to success. Imagine your gifted and talented students charging forward with their objectives, without having to wait for the rest of the class to catch up.









Accelerated Reader provides the essential practice component of your core reading curriculum. In addition to making reading practice fun and exciting for every student, AR gives you continuous feedback to personalize instruction so every student achieves maximum success.


Yazoo City Students study and learn
in non-traditional setting

Students will explore Yazoo Legends and

Bell Road
The Yazoo Witch
Willie Morris
River Pirates
Yazoo River
Herbie Homes
Underwater Mines
Afro-American Sons and Daughters
Owen Cooper
Way Down South on the Yazoo River
My Dog Skip
Miss Firecracker
Ghosts of Mississippi
Historic Downtown Yazoo City

Internation Activity


CHEER Students will participate
in an international e-mail activity
using reading, writing and English
skills to communicate with
students in other countries.

Bell Road wound from Yazoo City to Vicksburg as early as the 1820ís.
Portions of the road have banks 20 feet high or more with trees more than 40 feet high.

CHEER 21st Century CCLP 2013-2014 Student Achievement

District is labeled A for Privacy Considerations.School/District identification
can be secured by calling or emailing CHEER

21st_Graph A.PNG

Excerpts of CHEER Student Achievement

Student Achievement